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Walk the Land: Pick & Sip at Vlei Marsh
July 13, 2024

WHERE: Vlei Marsh, 186 Vlei Rd, Rhinebeck, NY 12572 

PARKING: Limited parking. Carpooling is encouraged and appreciated.

WHEN: Saturday, July 13. 3-4 Wineberry Removal. 4-5:30 Cocktails

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Suggested donation $15 per person


You’ve probably seen wineberry, those vigorous thickets that announce themselves in summer with jewel-like red fruit similar to wild raspberry. Adapting quickly upon arrival in the US in the 1890s (imported as breeding stock for raspberries), wineberry’s thorny canes have since displaced more mildly mannered native plants and impinged on wildlife food and habitat. Help restore the balance at Vlei Marsh with a strategic removal of wineberry, followed by refreshing libations, zero-proof and otherwise, made with their tasty sweet-tart fruit.

Join Winnakee Land Trust and Dirty Gaia for the removal, the berry picking and the sipping, or any combination thereof.

WALK AND RESTORE THE LAND is an immersive series of outdoor programs with Winnakee Land Trust and Dirty Gaia aimed at furthering our relationship with nature and her elements. This initiative takes last year’s Walk the Land collaborative series a step further as we roll up our sleeves with projects that help restore the natural balance of these areas and teach stewardship skills that you can implement at home.